A Green Oolong tea from the higher altitudes of Fujian province in China. 


Iron Goddess, also known as Ti Kwan Yin is grown in plantations in the mountains. It has a pale golden colour. The tightly rolled leaves unfurl during steeping to release a soft floral fragrance and the archetypal Oolong flavour. The unfurled leaves can be steeped more than once. If you are customarily a Black tea with milk tea lover, you might need a little time to acquire the Oolong taste. We highly recommend that you take the time – you will find it worth the adventure.

Fujian Iron Goddess

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  • Tea (Camelia Sinensis)

    • 1tsp/cup
    • 82°C
    • Steep 3 minutes
    • Origin: China
    • Caffeine: Medium