A uniquely tasting herbal tea from South Africa enjoyed as a hot or iced tea.


The Cyclopia (Honeybush) plant grows on the coast of South Africa’s Eastern and Western Cape Provinces. This tea is free of caffeine and low in tannins, it contains many beneficial compounds including antioxidants, vitamin C and essential minerals.  It’s sweeter than Rooibos and an excellent hot drink or iced tea.


The Honeybush gets its name from its flowers which give off a honey-like smell. A Honeybush infusion can be steeped for a long time without turning bitter. In the past, it was customary for a pot of an infusion of Honeybush to be kept simmering on a wood stove. It’s sweet fragrance pervading the home and it’s invigorating taste always at the ready.

Heavenly South African Honeybush

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  • Organic Honeybush (Cyclopia)

    • 1tsp/cup
    • 100°C
    • Steep 5 minutes
    • Origin: South Africa
    • Caffeine Free