A blend of Tulsi and Pomegranate to cheer you up.


Evocative of Indian and Egyptian Gods and sacred writings this blend is a conjugation of Tulsi, one of Indias sacred herbs and Pomegranate.  Known for centuries for its slightly tart and fruity taste, Pomegranate figures in the first recorded medical literature – the Egyptian Eberus Papyrus from 1500 BC.


This blend should be steeped until a strong infusion reveals its deep red colour and minty, pomegranate aroma.

Fruity Pomegranate Spirit

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  • Organic Tulsi, organic orange peel, organic hibiscus, organic elderberries, natural essences

    • 1tsp/cup
    • 100°C
    • Steep 5 minutes
    • Origin: India
    • Caffeine Free