A blend of Green Tea and selected herbs to help you focus.


Green Tea and the Ayurvedic herbs Brahmi, Tulsi and Eleuthero root Ginseng. All chosen for their beneficial effects on improving focus and concentration.


Brahmi has been in use for generations as nerve and brain cell revitalizer. It also helps you sleep, calms emotional turbulence and helps you stay alert.


Tulsi (Holy Basil) has a long history as a natural enhancer of immunity, resilience, strength and stamina. It is believed that it will help maintain calmness and clarity.


Eleuthero root Ginseng has been used in traditional medicines for centuries and has become increasingly popular in Western culture in recent years. It helps counter stress and can act as a stimulant to improve the nervous system.


The combination of Green Tea and these herbs creates a blend to improve focus and concentration and help with the effects of stress. The natural ingredients help you stay alert while avoiding disrupted sleep patterns caused by other stimulants.

Calming Focus Bouquet

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  • Organic Green Tea, organic brahmi, organic gotu kola, organic tulsi, organic ginseng, organic Rooibos

    • 1tsp/cup
    • 100°C
    • Steep 5 minutes
    • Origin: Various
    • Caffeine: Medium-Low