Stimulate your visual and taste senses with our hand-crafted tea flower.


This 100% organic tea flower is carefully created from white tea leaves and chrysanthemum flower petals. The flower comes out of the packest as a tightly closed ball 1.5” in diameter. Once it is covered in hot water, the leaves expand and the ball gracefully unfurls into the artistic image you see here. A tea flower can remain in the infusion for longer than loose tea without becoming bitter. If you want to keep the flower after drinking the tea, cover it with cold water, it will then retain its shape for a day or two.

Angelic Chrysanthemum Blooming Flower (Handcrafted Tea Flower)

SKU: 0034
  • Organic White Tea (Camelia Sinensis), chrysanthemum flower

    • Steep 100°C
    • Steeping Time: 10+ minutes
    • Origin: China
    • Caffeine: Light