A Strong Honey tasting Green Pearl Tea Inspired by the texture of Gunpowder.


High-quality Green Tea leaves hand-rolled into little pellets reminiscent of the gunpowder used in old Western movies to blow open bank safes, this tea has a rich, slightly smoky taste with a trace of nutty flavours and a lingering after taste of copper. Aficionados of Gunpowder teas know that the smaller the pellets or pinheads, the higher the quality of the leaf. Gunpowder Tea demonstrates the superiority of meticulous hand rolling over the machine rolling process used in lower quality Pearl or pellet type teas.


An ideal tea to end a meal of robustly flavoured dishes..

Angel Gunpowder

SKU: 0071
  • Tea (Camelia Sinensis)

    • 1tsp/cup
    • 78°C
    • Steep 2 minutes
    • Origin: China
    • Caffeine: Medium Light