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My Journey

Chateau la Motte Guest House

To help you share the enjoyment of tea drinking, I decided to turn my passion for discovering new tea blends into a business. Being born in South Africa, we learned everything about British tea culture. However, in South Africa, a wild bush called Rooibos was our nature’s remedy for many things. For many years, our family has produced Rooibos on our farm in the Cedarberg mountain region - the only place in the world you will find Rooibos. 


Rooibos dates back to the 17th century and carries a rich history. It is well known for soothing tummies and is used to help with food allergies and a good night’s sleep.

Knowing what I know about this plant and it’s properties, triggered my interest in learning about tea. I see both as being beneficial for our health. 


After moving to Canada, I was delighted to see that tea is the “new coffee.” From fine dining to takeout eateries, the tea trend is being embraced by young and old. Browse through our blends and you'll find a marvelous array of selections to satisfy your taste buds and your budget. 

May we have many more tea moments together!

With love